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Hi & Welcome to Carolee Wellbeing

I’m a qualified wellbeing practitioner, coach, mindfulness teacher, and counsellor

Ocean advocate, scuba diver, and lover of the sea

Carolee Wellbeing comes out of my passions and my own life experience:

  • Rising above chronic pain and illness
  • Rising above chronic stress, compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Being intentional about my career path and aligning it to my strengths and values
  • Being intentional about my relationships and the way I interact with the world
  • Rising strong after divorce to live life on my terms

Am I the right practitioner for YOU?

My hunger for knowledge of the mind and body is ravenous I’ve completed 4 university degrees and used my life experiences to make sense of the theories and propel me through my studies. I’ve studied eastern medicines and philosophies locally and overseas and retain a hunger to this day for new information. My focus remains on teasing apart what is in our control despite the challenges we face.

At Carolee Wellbeing I dedicate my time to working with women who are looking for proven positive ways to be mentally strong, rise above adversity and flourish. To be and perform at their best and create their best life.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion are a non-negotiable for me

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. I also enjoy researching, adapting, and providing evidence-based solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

I also do my best to be transparent and show the varying aspects of me on social media, my blogs and website for example because research shows time and time again that the greatest predictor of your success will be ensuring we are the right client/practitioner match. With this in mind I do my best to show my authentic self to you and will now share some fun facts about me.

10 Fun facts about ME

  1. I am a scuba diving fanatic, passionate lover of the sea, and ocean advocate.
  2. My most exotic diving memory to date is off Lakshadweep, a small cluster of islands that are part of the Arabian sea off the southwestern coast of India. 
  3. Scuba diving didn’t come naturally to me. It actually uncovered big problems with my breathing which left my lungs full of air and I’d bob about the surface like a cork! It was frustrating and changed my life when I learnt to take control of my breath.
  4. My first scuba experience was at 44 years old off Sandringham beach. I’d always wanted to scuba dive and from the moment I descended I was hooked!
  5. I left home at 15 with just a bag on my back, landed my first job within a week and was promoted to the lead role in my first year.
  6. I was a young mum and had my 2 children in my early twenties. They are by far my greatest achievement. I also have 2 grandsons that I adore; they love me unconditionally, teach me lessons and call me Tutu!
  7. I live well with fibromyalgia and seronegative inflammatory arthritis using mind and body techniques that enable me to pace, flow, and flourish in my daily life.
  8. I have spent a good part of my life looking externally for love, I now choose to be my own best friend and love comes to me.
  9. I have married and divorced twice; love with all my heart, learnt lessons, and cherish many exquisite memories.
  10. I have always lived in Melbourne, was 30 before I flew interstate and 42 before I flew overseas! Now here we are in a global pandemic and I’m a travel junkie unable to get on a plane oh my….

I tend to work well with people who:

  • Are looking for ways to bring positive change in your life
  • Are looking for someone who sees and acknowledges YOU in all your colour and shades
  • Are ready to embrace your mind and body connection in a heartfelt way
  • Open to possibility and willing to try new ways of ‘being and doing’
  • Are committed to your personal journey of self-discovery
  • Like the idea of living consciously and may or may not have meditated
  • Care about our planet and are restored by spending time in nature
  • Like the idea of living life according to your strengths and values
  • Want to live an intentional and meaningful life
  • Have a disruptive inner critic that at times can hold you back

What brings you here?

Are you suffering and need to heal or surviving and aspire to flourish? Maybe you’re dealing with the challenges that come in a fast paced, ever-changing, uncertain world. Ongoing and debilitating anxiety, stress, pain, or illness. Leaving you unable to sleep, not feeling good about yourself, and stuck or even frozen, unable to move towards the things that bring you joy and meaning.

Whatever it is, at Carolee Wellbeing I will walk the path with you. I accompany women on their path of self-discovery. I enjoy working with women from all walks of life; equality, diversity, and inclusion are non-negotiables for me. I will tailor the experience to bring out the best in you.

How can I serve you?

If my story and therapeutic approach strike a chord within you, I’d love to support you to build mental health and wellbeing any way I can. You can connect with me in the following places:

  1. I offer weekly wellbeing tips & a valuable monthly blog which offers proven positive and practical ways to build wellbeing and resilience. SUBSCRIBE TO MY WELLBEING NEWSLETTER & GET MY FREE OCEAN MEDITATION
  2. You can connect with me on social media FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN where I offer regular inspiration and jolts of joy to increase your knowledge, resilience and wellbeing
  3. I have limited weekly spaces to work 1:1 with people either in person or online BOOK YOUR FREE 20 MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL NOW

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Hello I'm Carole Leigh

A qualified wellbeing practitioner, coach, mindfulness teacher, and counsellor.


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