How do I book?

Either fill out the CONTACT ME NOW FORM and I’ll be in touch in the next business day. Or book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL NOW and secure your time. Either way we can chat soon and get the ball rolling.

Can I claim a rebate through medicare or a mental health care plan?

No. While I am a counsellor with university level training the government has not included counsellors for Medicare rebates – this continues to be challenged and discussed within the government and professional counselling bodies.

Can I claim back on my tax return?

Yes, counselling and coaching are viable tax deductions. Please check with a registered accountant regarding current tax regulations and the specifics of your situation. I can provide a letter of professional justification if required.

I would like my workplace to pay for my coaching. Can you provide a proposal?

Yes. Please contact me to discuss your needs and I will put something in writing for your manager or your HR Department.

What are the benefits of self-funding my sessions?

Self-funded counselling and coaching offers you privacy and choice. Self-funding your services with me, means that all your details are confidential and private and stay between you and I. I will not share your details with anyone unless 1. You ask me to, or 2. You disclose your intention to harm yourself or someone else, or you disclose details that I am mandated by law to report under the Child Protection Act. Another benefit of self-funding your sessions is that you have ready access to me, you don’t need to see a doctor first or report back to your doctor along the way. Unless you choose to do so.

Are you experienced working with NDIA and NDIS recipients?

Yes. I have worked with the NDIA policy and procedures and pricing, and directly with NDIS recipients (facing psychosocial disabilities alongside mental illness and physical ailments) since 2019. My philosophy is always the same that I work with clients to bring out their best, and help people create their best lives, no matter what they’re facing.

How do I know if I need counselling or coaching?

My strength as a practitioner lies in the fact that I am qualified and skilled as a counsellor and a coach and can dance between them as required. Once you’ve made the commitment to invest in yourself, my aim will be to meet you precisely where you’re at. If you’re suffering, I will provide a safe and healing counselling space and we’ll do that work to make sure there’s nothing holding you back before moving into creating the life you want. If you’re not suffering and you’re ready to started maximizing your wellbeing and creating your best life we can move straight there. You are in the driver’s seat. This is your time and your centre stage to do your best work and create a life that you’re proud of.

The legal stuff

I am fully insured and follow the ethics and professional standards of the governing bodies I am accredited with: the International Coaching Federation, Australian Counselling Association and Breathworks CIC.

What if I am late or no show?

I do my best to accommodate you if you have something unexpected coming up but this will not always be possible. There are no refunds on no-shows, and if you are late to a session and I cannot accommodate the extra time, you will still be charged the full fee.