Hi I'm Carole Leigh

A qualified wellbeing practitioner, coach, mindfulness teacher, and counsellor.

Accredited Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), accredited Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), accredited Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher with Breathworks and member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).

My career spans 25 years in healthcare across hospital, pharmaceutical and corporate environments in administrative and leadership roles. To include 15 years’ experience coaching and counselling individuals and groups in community, not-for-profit, private practice, and organisational settings. The common goal has always been to enable others to rise; being a conduit of change fulfills my innate need for an equitable and compassionate society.

In 2012, life as I knew it changed. I was burnt out and sicker than I’d ever been in my life and was told if I hoped to improve, I’d change the way I lived and leave my corporate role. In 2013, I fulfilled a dream to go to university. I went to learn firsthand what was going on within me and hoped I might create myself a new career pathway in the process. What eventuated was that and far more, as I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and quest for meaning that brought me to where I am today.

I first studied a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Psychology and Health Promotion at Swinburne University and began my work with Breathworks. This degree taught me about the connection between mind and body while Breathworks started my journey with mindfulness, meditation, and wellbeing for health. During this time, I realised there was a lot that was in my control, so I set about on my exploration of self and healing.

In 2014, I completed a Graduate Certificate of Organisational Coaching at Swinburne University to compliment my skills and experience, coaching and leading teams in organisations. During this time, I started a small business venture that offered wellbeing and mindfulness coaching for individuals and groups in community settings and organisations.

In 2017, I completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne which was a lifechanging experience for me personally and professionally. It was during this degree that I found my authentic self and really progressed my own journey of discovery. It introduced me to the science of wellbeing and drove home the message that peak health, wellbeing and performance are attainable even alongside a chronic illness. It taught me that mental health is on a continuum which can fluctuate between languishing, coping, and flourishing. And that like physical health, mental health needs a daily regime of nurturing and prevention strategies. 

My journey of self also took me travelling and scuba diving to some pretty exotic destinations. Spending time in India and Cambodia, studying eastern philosophies including Iyengar yoga and ayurvedic medicines. My hunger for knowledge of the mind and body was ravenous as I set about untangling what was and was not in my control. It was during this time I realised my values needed to be honoured, and that my authentic self needed to be nurtured, in all areas of my life. My life changed when I gave myself permission to show up authentically in my personal and professional arenas.

I learnt to pace, flow and flourish in my daily life alongside my reality living with fibromyalgia and seronegative arthritis.

Inclusion, diversity, and equality are non-negotiables for me so when I was approached to offer wellbeing and resilience coaching to long term jobseekers experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, and the effects of war and displacement, I knew it was for me. As life would have it, despite many participants reporting positive outcomes including improved wellbeing and employment, I lost the contract because I did not have any formal counselling qualifications. While this was a setback it also became my driver as I genuinely want to be at my best to the people that I serve. 

So, I set about to fulfil this requirement and started a Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) with the Australian College of Applied Psychology in 2019. During this time, I also started working with NDIS recipients, primarily women suffering the effects of psychosocial disability, including complex trauma, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. Working with women who rise above setbacks that most would find unimaginable humbles and inspires me. Being a conduit of change and enabling women to meet their goals despite barriers changed my outlook on life.


  • Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne
  • Graduate Certificate of Organisational Coaching, Swinburne University 
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Psychology, Health Promotion), Swinburne University
  • Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching), Australian College of Applied Psychology


  • 25 years of corporate experience including executive roles in health/hospital & pharmaceutical and insurance/financial services

  • 15 years experience as a wellbeing coach and counsellor in community, not-for-profit, private practice and organisational settings


  • Member of the International Positive Psychology Association
  • Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation
  • Level 2 Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association 
  • Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher Breathworks CIC UK

The ocean has shown me the value of respecting rhythm and rest, of listening to my intuitive whispers, which can be lifesaving in wild conditions

- Lauren L Hill

IMAGE: Judy Breedon @escape_photo_gallery

People who know me see that my passion lies with the ocean and scuba diving. Indeed, it is my love and appreciation of the ocean that significantly informs my work.
Let me explain:

Learning to scuba dive taught me that effective breathing is paramount and that breath holding has consequences. 

  • I teach simple and effective breathing techniques for optimal health, wellbeing and peak performance


Being one with the ocean teaches me to let go of things I had thought were absolute; accept what I cannot change, trust in my ability, and do all it takes to get to my destination. So, I teach people:

  • Acceptance and getting comfortable with unease
  • Opening up to possibility to increase choice and make the impossible possible
  • Uncovering and maximising your strengths and learn to use them to energise you to your goals
  • Self-determination: Autonomy, Connection, Competence
Me-Staged-Diving-Gold-Coast (Small)

Think about it.

Whether we are feeling vulnerable and need reminding of our strengths, feeling blue and longing for happiness, or anxious and looking for calm, simply thinking of the ocean can restore these calming and positive states into our heart and soul. 

At times I have drifted so far-off course that I lost sight of the shore. I’ve drowned and risen above divorce, burnout and chronic ill health. This journey took me through major life lessons which propelled me through my studies, as I used my experiences to truly grasp the teachings. Today I stand strong and open to possibility. I have learnt to love and appreciate myself; I am now my own best friend. 

My life experience combined with my qualifications make me your valuable partner in recovery, transformation, and growth. I will enable you to rise above your challenges and empower you to create the change you seek to show up, shine and flourish in your life.

My work is trauma-informed so you can explore your inner most thoughts while held in safety. 

My work is strengths-based so we can uncover your unique set of strengths and talents and learn how to use them to energize you towards your goals.

Mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion form the basis of all my work. All change first requires an awareness of what is. I will accompany you on your path of self-discovery. Together we will shine a light on the unconscious aspects of your life with curiosity and kindness to uncover what holds you back and what can propel you forward to create the life you seek.

Fast Facts about Me

  • I am a scuba diving fanatic, passionate lover of the sea, and ocean advocate.
  • My most exotic diving memory to date is off Lakshadweep, a small cluster of islands that are part of the Arabian sea off the southwestern coast of India. 
  • I left home at 15 with just a bag on my back, landed my first job within a week and was promoted to the lead role in my first year.
  • I was a young mum and had my 2 children in my early twenties. They are by far my greatest achievement. I also have 2 grandsons that I adore; they love me unconditionally, teach me lessons and call me Tutu!
  • My career spans from healthcare to sales and marketing, administration to strategic corporate roles.
  • My optimistic and energetic natured coupled with a people pleasing personality in the corporate sector led me to face chronic stress and pain that transpired into illness. 
  • I learnt mind and body techniques that led me to pace, flow and flourish; I now live well with fibromyalgia and seronegative inflammatory arthritis. 
  • I have spent a good part of my life looking externally for love, I now choose to be my own best friend and love comes to me.
  • I have married and divorced twice; love with all my heart, learnt lessons, and cherish many exquisite memories.
  • I am a study junkie who has completed four degrees ALL exploring what makes us human because the more I learn the more I find I don’t know!
  • I thrive on travel; I love exploring new places and meeting new people and it’s always better with scuba diving!

Does my story and therapeutic approach strike a chord within you? I am keen to show you my authentic self so you can step into yours.